The Louise Stewart Collection

Louise Sketch

Louise Stewart received training as a fine artist rather than as an illustrator like myself (not there’s anything wrong with illustration) and with scarcely more than the stroke of her pen is able to capture the essence of a person or of a moment. Her art has some of the economy of Zen painting, but is, somehow, a bit more electric. Here are some of the sketches she made while attending various fantasy and literary conferences with Karl, once they had finally, at long last, united, after Karl’s carrying the torch for her for pretty much his entire life. (Well do I remeber Karl, well into his cups, late one night on the front porch of Toad Hall, flinging his empty beer bottle toward the abandoned mansion of the long dead Knoxville Opera singer Madame Brailey with an anguished cry of “Louise!” and the answering anguished cry of our friend Butch McCoy of “Karl! That’s my car!” when the alcohol-impaired throw fell short.) Here also a number of photos she made during what may have been the last truly happy days of Karl's life.
All images © Louise Stewart

Louise & Karl

Louise and Karl    

Bittersweet Days.


Favorite Haunts

Boneyard Thumb


Karl in the Underworld

Karl in the Underworld