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Welcome to the Perilous Worlds of Karl Edward Wagner
Introduction by the Late Michael Elam


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The Last Karl Wagner Interview

Kevin Elam has found a copy of Karl’s Last interview, which appeared in Horror: The News Magazine of the Horror & Dark Fantasy Field. The publication only lasted five issues, and the fifth issue in which this appears is a rarity indeed, currently unavailable from any known vendor. David Drake has spoken disparigingly of his collaboration with Karl on Killer, indicating he was trying to do the fading and dissolute writer a favor. Here Karl tells his version, but much more charitably, never once saying he saved a struggling and, ultimately, ungrateful writer from richly deserved obscurity. On the KEW page.

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The Louise Stewart Collection

Louise Stewart was Karl’s first and last sweetheart, the woman for whom he carried the torch for much of his life, at least up until he married Barbara Mott. She attended a number of conventions with him, late in his life, after they both became single, and has been kind enough to provide me with photos and her own sketches - unlike myself, a humble illustrator, Louise is a gifted serious aritst. Getting these images up will take a while, but well begun is half done...

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Gothic Touches in “The Gothic Touch”

An insightful examination by writer and Gothic scholar Charles Rutledge of the influence of the Victiorian Gothic novel on Wagner’s tales of Kane, as exemplified by the last of them, “The Gothic Touch.” Mr. Rutledge suggests that, despite the frightening tone of the story, Karl was also winking at those few readers who knew the genre. Linked from the KEW page.

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“If I laugh at any mortal thing, it is that I may not cry,” said Lord Byron, the original Byronic Hero and a Kane inspiration. So do we laugh or cry at bookseller John McCormick’s description of the ham-fisted butchery of Karl’s text in the Powell edition of Darkness Weaves? Johnny calls it, “The true 1st unrevised edition.” He informs us that “All later printings are revised, and the title shortened to Darkness Weaves.“ This “unrevised” copy can be had for $23.28 & shipping.

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The Karl Edward Wagner Rediscovery Award

For some reason the link I had for this article broke, but I’ve found it again: author William Lindblad encourages the community of horror and dark fantasy authors and readers to create a Rediscovery award to honor Karl’s great success in unearthing forgotten masterpieces of weird fiction. Again I offer my services in doing a portrait sculpture of Karl for the purpose, an undertaking I’d like to begin while I still have one good eye. If you think the notion worth pursuing, weigh in.

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Kane in Danger! The well-known Warner Kane covers by Frank Frazetta, painted according to Karl’s descriptions and now widely associated with Karl’s only series character, are slated to be used as the covers of new graphic novels. The protagonist will be a red-haired swashbuckler drawn to match the Kane covers, but will have no other connection to Kane or his creator whatsoever. Learn more about this outrage on the Revelations page.

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A note to younger visitors: it hadn’t occurred to me that some might not recognize the clicking sound effect I’ve used here. No, that is not, as some have speculated, a camera. It is the device from whence derived the layout of your computer keyboard: the typewriter. You must have seen them in old movies. Karl acknowledged himself to be a “one-finger” typist; hence the hesitant tempo here. A little bell would sound to let you know you'd reached the end of the line.


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